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Welcome to My Pilates Gym at Mandurah Movement Therapy

Truly discover Pilates in your body and experience the amazing benefits!

All of our staff are passionate about applying the System of Pilates to our clients' workouts and using this amazing system, originally named Contrology, created by Joseph Pilates, to find the most optimal work for each individual client.

The system of Pilates is not just Mat or Reformer but a blend of many apparatus giving your body the feedback it needs to find "The Work".
We have a wonderful  space to bring all of these movement opportunities to you. Check all of our services to see the many options available! 


We encourage clients to come into our studio and see what we are about and make an informed decision on their Movement Therapy choice.

We aim to bring as much of the true Pilates method to our clients as possible through continuous learning and growth in our Pilates journey.

To understand Pilates you must experience it in your body.

We offer group classes in both Mat and Reformer but do encourage you to use these as guided homework to maintain your connections for your true Pilates practice in the My Pilates Gym setting.

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