What is Studio?

Studio is where the full method of Pilates is applied through various pieces of Pilates equipment to maximize your strength and length in your Pilates practice. Through a series of Private sessions a program specific to your body will be learned and practiced. 

What is Studio practice?

This is when you book a time to come in and practice your program specifically for your body. There will be instructors in the studio to guide you here and there but this is your time to put the work in your body and is not a private session.

Why must I do an Intro to studio 4 pack?

This is for an initial assessment of your body's requirements, for you to learn the program for your body. To understand the apparatus that you will be working with and to be inducted into the studio space.

Why do I have to do a private studio session every month to keep my membership?

The practice of Pilates will change your body, therefore your program also needs to be added, extended, altered. To have a set of trained eyes on you while you work IS the work. To align you, to help you find the right apparatus for your body’s current needs.

What is a Semi Private all about?

A semi private session is a small group (3 clients) that work through a program together under the instruction of the teacher on the Studio Tower apparatus. It is more tailored than a full group class and makes use of the amazing Studio equipment.

Isn’t the Studio for injured people?

The Studio is for everyone!!! From athletes wanting to challenge their bodies to rehabilitation after an injury to care after some time away from exercise or for first timers!! It is FOR EVERYONE.

Do I have to be a member to buy studio sessions?

No, a membership is not required to attend private or semi private sessions.

You WILL  need to be a member for access to studio practice. Which is a casual supervision of your own practice.

Is my membership a lock in contract?

There are no lock in contracts but your membership will be on a direct debit basis. You can opt to cancel anytime.

What if I cannot get to a group class in my week?

The group classes are available at specific times and if you are unable to attend then studio is still open for you at other times. Classes are not accrued if missed in any given week.

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