Terms and Conditions

Mandurah Movement Therapy

Liability & Indemnity Waiver

Terms & Conditions

I consent to voluntarily participate in health and fitness services provided by Mandurah Movement Therapy at my sole risk and responsibility; this includes, but is not limited to the following activities:

Pilates Matwork classes (with small props), Pilates Apparatus Classes, Pilates Fitball Classes, Casual Dance Classes, Anti Gravity Inversion classes, BungeeFit Classes and or private Studio Pilates appointments.

The levels of exercises that I will perform will be at my own pace, based upon my cardio respiratory (heart and lungs) fitness, muscular strength and endurance. I understand that there are risks that may be associated with any form of exercise. I hereby agree that prior to my participation I will inform Mandurah Movement Therapy of any known medical conditions or factors that may put me at risk, for which Mandurah Movement Therapy will need a medical release form from my medical practitioner prior to participation. I will inform Mandurah Movement Therapy of any symptoms during participation that occur such as fatigue, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, or any pain or discomfort for my safety and benefit.

Mandurah Movement Therapy shall not undertake and I shall not require nor purport that Mandurah Movement Therapy should undertake any obligation (whether contractually, at common law or otherwise) to advise or treat me in relation to any of the matters referred to in the preceding paragraph. I acknowledge that it is my obligation and mine alone to take responsibility for my health and wellbeing during any type of exercise that I undertake.

I will be given tuition on how to perform exercise and will direct any questions to a relevant qualified Mandurah Movement Therapy staff member. Mandurah Movement Therapy staff will monitor my performance, and otherwise evaluate my effort.

I acknowledge and agree that infants and minors are the sole responsibility of their parents/guardians not Mandurah Movement Therapy. It is and will remain my personal duty to care for infants and minors in my custody and Mandurah Movement Therapy shall not be liable for injuries or damage to me, or my property, or be subject to any claim, demand injury, or damages whatsoever, including without limitation, damages resulting from acts of active or passive negligence (claim). I release Mandurah Movement Therapy from all liability caused by or arising from any claim.

Mandurah Movement Therapy shall not be liable or responsible to me for articles lost, damaged or stolen in any of its studios.

This waiver may be pleaded in response as a bar to any legal proceeding taken by me or on my behalf, in a breach of this waiver.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood this document and shall indemnify and Mandurah Movement Therapy indemnified against any loss arising from a breach of this waiver. Any reference to Mandurah Movement Therapy includes its agents, employees and contractors.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this form prior to commencing classes to enable us to provide you with the best movement therapy experience possible.


  • What if I need to cancel a class? No problem! We have a 24-hour Studio appointment cancellation policy and a 12-hour Group class cancellation policy. That means you can cancel up to 24 or 12 hours before class start time and the class will be credited back to your account for future use within the expiry term & without penalty. If you late cancel or no show to your class or appointment then the booking is not refunded.

  • If you are currently engaged in a membership and you cancel a class after the above mentioned time then your pass for that day is lost.

  • If you need to cancel a reservation, log into MindBody, go to My Info, click My Schedule and click Cancel next to the class time. If you have trouble cancelling or have any questions, call or email us at the studio.

  • If the class that you are looking for is full, there is a waitlist available that will let you know prior to that class if you have been bumped up the list and into class. (This is always good to remember when you need to cancel a class and allow someone like yourself on a waitlist the opportunity to attend).

  • If you are bumped into a class please reply Y or N to the notification text or email. 

  • Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice. Please visit our class schedule for the most up to date schedule information. 

  • A valid MasterCard or Visa must be on file for all membership clients.

  • All clients MUST fill out a Health Screening prior to attending any of our classes.

  • Please place personal belongings/footwear in the storage cube areas before entering into the studios.

  • Due to extreme allergic reactions, MMT is strictly a Perfume Free environment.

  • Please turn off all mobile phones to avoid distractions to the Instructors and other clients.

  • Please monitor your own resistance in class.

  • Entry into a class beyond 5 minutes past the start time will not be allowed. This is for your safety and to not interrupt the flow of the class. If entering a Yoga class late, please leave loud items such as keys downstairs before entering the class.

  • Socks must be worn in the studio at all times and jewellery must be removed.

  • We accept MasterCard, Visa, cash or ezidebit direct debit.

  • Mandurah Movement Therapy is not responsible for any bank overdraft fees.

  • All classes must be prepaid.

  • All sales are final. Purchases are non-refundable, exchangeable or transferable.

  • Introduction offers are limited to one time only.

  • Casual classes are valid for the time stipulated at sale.

  • When holding a Membership, classes can be booked 30 days in advance.

  • Membership Contracts require ezidebit/autopay.

  • Membership Contracts auto-renew unless otherwise notified by the client.

  • Membership Contracts can be upgraded.

  • Membership Contracts cannot be put on hold, frozen or suspended unless there is a medical reason where a medical certificate will be requested, once only application.

  • Group Memberships are a 6 month contract and if terminated early will need to be paid out in full. This is so that we can continue to offer affordable prices for you the client.

  • $45 no lock in group Membership allows 1 class of your choice per day Monday to Saturday, these do not accrue if you miss a day.

  • $30 no lock in group Membership allows 1 Reformer and 1 Matwork per week, these do not accrue if you miss a day.

  • The $30 12 Month Group Memberships is a 12 month contract and if early termination is requested, the contract MUST be paid out in full.

  • The $30 12 Month Group Membership allows 2 Reformer and unlimited Matwork, FitBarre and DanceFit classes per week. These do not accrue if you miss a week. The unlimited option of this membership does NOT include Anti Gravity and Bungee classes.

  • The $30 12 Month  Group Membership cannot be put on hold, frozen or suspended unless there is a medical reason where a medical certificate will be requested, once only application. If the medical reason stops you from fulfilling the remainder of the contract, the contract must be paid out in full.

  • Cancellation policy for members is 6 hours prior to group class. If cancellation happens after this window, it is considered a late cancel, the pass is counted as used and a $5 late cancel fee is incurred.

  • The My Pilates Gym offer of $170 for four Intro to Gym sessions is available to clients who agree to sign up to a My Pilates Gym membership for 6 months following the completion of the intro sessions.