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MMT Instructor Training

If you love practicing Pilates and have considered Pilates as a new career pathway, then contact us at

for more information.

The method that we teach is as close to the original work as can be documented. Sharon, our Principal trainer, has a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction and is a graduate of Proper Pilates Immersive Coaching Program. Sharon is qualified as a 3rd generation Instructor of the Pilates Method. 


The work that she passes on in this training is through an understanding of all Lineages of the method from Joe, with a strong influence of Jay Grimes, via her studies and training with Wade Edwell, Gloria Gasperi and Miguel Silva. Also from the lineage of Romana Kryzanowska via Kathy Ross Nash and Eric Carlovich. 

Our instructor training programs

Our Matwork and Reformer instructor training programs are designed to be completely face to face! Real training in a working Pilates studio with full contact training hours is included. The MMT Group Instructor training program will set you up with real workplace experience with full employability skills and knowledge. 


MMT sets a standard and expectation of time and commitment so that you are fully prepared to face the real client experience. Our team of fully qualified instructors will mentor trainees throughout the course and all contact learning hours will be held by Senior Instructors. 


MMT Instructor knowledge is rich, full and vast and will help you build a strong foundation for your new path to Pilates instruction.

Contact us by email at

or call us on 9547 4759 to have an initial discussion.

What our previous graduates say
"I did not expect to learn as much as I did, Sharon has a phenomenal knowledge and understanding of Joe Pilates' approach and her ability to teach and cascade that to us was nothing but brilliant. It was also great to be able to focus on our own Pilates practice through the requirements of the course. To now be able to teach Pilates is an added bonus and I aim to continue development of my knowledge, understanding and practise through this."
Nicky, 2022 Graduate
"Up there with one of the smartest and best things I have done. Not only did it speed up my recovery after back surgery it has taught me so much more about my body, and without being creepy, how to look at and analyse a client's body. Sharon is so passionate about Joseph Pilates’ vision and teaching method. She is an amazing facilitator and guide. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions we had and all that I have learnt."
Alisha, 2022 Graduate

"I was extremely nervous to start the Pilates instructor course at MMT. I didn’t think I had it in me to stand in front of a class and teach, so I initially attended the course purely to achieve personal growth and to become a better Pilates student.  I hadn’t considered the teaching aspect at all, but halfway through the course my mindset changed. The strong focus on form and the fundamentals, really set me up for success and after every session I walked away more confident in my Pilates.  Fast forward six months and I am now a qualified instructor, teaching a few mat classes each week. Sharon is a very knowledgeable, friendly and motivating teacher.  Her teaching style is calm and clear, and the course format was a great balance of theory and practical learning.  Big thank you to Sharon for her mentorship and her fabulous instructors for their support and inspiration. I am so excited to continue my Pilates journey."

Jaimie, 2022 Graduate

"The Instructor Training course is up there as one of the best training courses I’ve ever done. Sharon is so passionate and knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable through the whole course. My own Pilates has improved so much as a result of the learning that we did and I’ve also made an amazing group of friends through the process. All the staff at MMT were incredibly supportive of us as we watched their classes and asked them all of the questions we had! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who was considering it."

Kristie, 2022 Graduate

"I have been Sharon's client for four years, and I recently graduated MMT Matwork Pilates teacher training program. The aim was to deepen my understanding of Pilates, and I must say it was an incredible experience. As a holistic health and bodywork professional, I knew the benefits of Pilates for my clients, and this program helped me use the method in my own way that supports my philosophy and clients. Sharon has been an amazing teacher and mentor, and I would highly recommend this training to anyone who has a love for Pilates. I would say jump right in and let your body lead the way. It has opened new pathways for me personally and for my business that I could never have predicted." 

Desrae, 2022 Graduate

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